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Between the Lies Luke Tatum cover

Between the Lies shows you what is wrong with modern banking and investments, and how you can implement a proven framework—the TRUTH Blueprint—to leave the conventional wisdom behind forever.

Luke Tatum is the CEO of Perfect Spiral Capital, an Authorized Infinite Banking Concept Practitioner and a dedicated husband and father. He lives with his family in the mountains of Arkansas, where they are building a small homestead. Luke helps people take control of their financial future every day. You can reach him for media inquiries or other questions here.

The TRUTH Blueprint

What is the TRUTH Blueprint? These five steps are the the building blocks that will allow you to take control of your financial future.

Take Responsibility

Reclaim Your Money

Undo Your Debts

Transcend Your Expenses

Help Others

In the book, Luke unlocks the power of each step. It’s not just undoing your debts, but how you do it that makes the difference. Each step builds on the last, and it shows how financial freedom can be achieved—systematically!
After reading the book, schedule a time to see how the TRUTH Blueprint can be implemented in your own life by booking a call with Perfect Spiral Capital.


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